is a micro-press founded in 2021 by a mother-daughter team based in Portland, OR.
We publish chapbooks of poetry and prose.



We publish to support the birth of a post-digital, artistic and literary renaissance. We believe poetry, in all of its forms, is a revolutionary act.

We seek work that uses lyricism to break convention and expectation. Poetry that is breathing and taking up space and birthing new revolutions; prose or essays that live between the literary and the strange; work that is blending mediums by combining art, words, and imagery to tell stories in ways a traditional press can’t or won’t.


We want to publish the working-class poet, with a focus on lifting and championing marginalized voices including BIPOC and queer authors. As a micro-press, our focus will be on elevating the work of unpublished authors so their voices are heard.

We wholeheartedly believe that by acquiring diverse voices and sharing their work, we can further improve the literacy of our surrounding communities and enact real, impactful, and progressive change.

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